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Bureau of Naviks - Charter of Duties

Aim: The aim of this Bureau is to position the manpower of right type and in right numbers to the various Coast Guard ships/establishments within the existing resources to ensure highest degree of operational readiness and efficiency all the time.

Role: The role of this bureau is the Development and Management of the Enrolled personnel of Indian Coast Guard right from their inception till discharge/ retirement from service and to advice Coast Guard Headquarters in formulation of rules and policies for optimum growth of men and service.

Charter: The Officer-in-Charge, Bureau of Naviks (BUVIK) is directly responsible for implementation of the policies of Coast Guard Headquarters in respect of training, promotion, transfer, release and pension of CG Enrolled Personnel. Bureau is concerned with all aspects of EPs career in the service right after their recruitment till their retirement/discharge from service and also with cases relating to post retirement benefits. The role profile covers the following aspects: -

  • Transfers of Personnel.
  • Deputing personnel for various training.
  • Preparation of panel for Higher Rank Boards.
  • Processing of cases relating to change of branch, NOC for applying jobs outside Coast Guard and NOC for Passports.
  • Computerisation of records of serving and retired CG Personnel.
  • Maintenance of Database.
  • Maintenance of statistical data.
  • Preparation/Revision of Manning Plan of EPs.
  • Verification of Service Book, Educational and Caste certificate.
  • Keeping track of Medical Records and ensuring timely completion of Re-categorisation Medical Board.
  • Preparation of panel for DPC twice in a year.
  • To assist Coast Guard Headquarters in formulation of rules and policies for the growth of men and service.
  • Maintenance of records in respect of EPs viz courses/training, annual assessment, DO's remarks, GCBs, award of medal and particulars of NOK/ family.
  • Verification of SBs/leave accounts, Verification of educational qualifications/character and antecedents/ caste etc.
  • Medical Records.
  • Early settlement of pension gratuity and other claims as may be admissible on retirement/ release/discharge.